What We Do


Many print houses have struggled when adding mailing capabilities, likewise when mail houses add print. We have been running both, side by side, under one roof, for over thirty years. We have consistently proven that by growing our company offering both print and mail solutions, there’s little we can’t handle.

Our mailing services start with data processing, we offer a wide array of programming services, NCOA, de-dupe, merge, mining and formatting. Just tell us what you’d like to accomplish and we can help whether you’re providing your own database or need to acquire one. We have the expertise to help define your target demographics and purchase the best possible list. Our expertise in the USPS processes and regulations guarantee that when we verify your printed piece for mail compliance, we’ve made sure there are no surprises once delivered to the post office.

Postage is often overlooked and considered a fixed expense, but we pride ourselves in helping our mail customers find the lowest possible rate at the highest service level. Our experience gives us the ability to offer you the best postage rate for your targeted mailing. From Non-profit rates to Full First Class, we’ll offer you money saving tips that will help you reach your intended audience within your budget.
Of course we have all the equipment and capabilities you’d expect in a large mail house or letter shop.

We have a variety of inserters, including camera matching capabilities, inkjet systems printing up to 600 dpi (great for personalizing envelopes!), tabbing, stamping, as well as presorting, labeling and high volume metering.

When we combine our digital print capabilities and variable data technology with our mailing expertise we have a solution for virtually any direct marketing challenge! The Goode Company has been successfully helping companies like yours generate more business through direct mail for over 30 years.

Some of our Partners

  • Xerox
  • Komori
  • Heidelberg