What We Do

We utilize the most current technology in our industry. Our diverse and well maintained equipment allows us to provide our clients with a wide array of high-quality products faster and less-expensively than our competition.

We realize that most people could care less about what pieces of equipment we use, so long as they receive a quality job. Still, we can't help being proud of our toys. Once you see how great they make you look, we hope you'll be proud of them, too.


• Javelin Luxel T‐9000 CTP ‐ Direct to Plate system with 100 plate Screen Plate-Right auto loader
• Epson P8000 Sure Color and Epson 9890 color proofers with EFI color verification

Digital Printing:
• Xerox iGen5 Digital Color presses with matte toner and 22.5” width.
• Xerox Versant 2100 Digital Color press with matte toner and in line finishing
• Xerox 4110 Digital B+W press with in line finishing
• Xerox 4127 Digital B+W press with in line finishing
• Epson 9000 color inkjet, large format printer ‐ 44” width, any length
• XMPI full server pack, Fusion Pro and Print‐Shop‐Mail software for variable data

Press Room:

• 6-Color: Komori LSX629 with HUV and Series 45 Automation; 24 x 29
• 2-Color Heidelberg GTO-52, 14” x 20”
• 2-Color Heidelberg QM 46, 13" x 19"
• (2) Halm Jet Envelopes Presses ‐ 2/0 or 1/1 perfecting
• (2) Kluge EHD 14" x 22" (Flat Foil Stamp, Emboss, Die-Cutting, Scoring & Perforating)
• Heidelberg Cylinder press for die-cut/score/perf
• Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress for letterpress printing

Web- Offset:
• 5 color Hitachi Heat Set Half Web (19”); Electronic registration, in line folding or sheeting
• 4 color (2/2) Didde Half Web (18”) ‐ roll to sheet

• Muller Martini Minuteman ‐ 6 pocket, saddle stitch, with in line refold
• Muller Martini Bravo – 4 pocket, saddle stitch, with in line refold and shrink-wrap
• (6) Folders, Heidelberg, Stahl, MBO including knife fold and crusher/stacker
• Heidelberg, Stahl High-Speed Folder @ 20" x 26" w/ Right Angle Unit
• (2) Programmable paper cutters, pallet lift system
• UV Coater‐ up to 14 x 20 sheet
• Challenge ‐ heavy duty, 3/5 hole drill press
• Graphic Wizard Crease Master ‐ score/perf machine
• Shrink-Tech auto counter/stacker/shrink wrap line, 2 additional shrink wrap systems

• (4) Mail Crafter inserters, 1 with Lake Image camera matching system
• MCS Eagle ink jet (4”) with in line tab seal or stamping
• MCS Array ink jet (2-4” heads) with in line tab seal or stamping, bump-turn for 3 tab requirements
• NeoPost offline tab/stamp/label machine
• (2) AccuFast labeling machines
• Complete data prep services including CASS, NCOA, Full Service ACS processing, merge/purge, de‐dupe, presort, etc.

Some of our Partners

  • Xerox
  • Komori
  • Heidelberg